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Our People

The people of Wagner Valley Brewing Co are what makes us what we are. Our passion, knowledge and experience show in our brews. Take the chance to get to know us below!

Alex Linde

Head Brewer

Alex Linde, Head BrewerI started out at Ithaca Beer Co. giving tours, shadowing brewers before bar shifts, and folding boxes for packaging, but my first production job was at Singlecut in Astoria, Queens. I started with just cleaning kegs, filling kegs, and delivering kegs. I learned and worked my way up until I became the senior brewer.

What I’m most excited about in starting at Wagner Valley is being able to put my own stamp on things in a way that I think aligns well with what the company is already about. Good beer should be accessible to all walks of life, while also being representative of the people and land it comes from. To me that means (as much as possible) that the ideal beer is drinkable, affordable, and available in a welcoming environment. A focus on local ingredients is important to me, but at the very least ingredients produced with an appreciation for their own unique terroir is essential. I can’t really think of a better place for this philosophy than a family-run brewery, farm, and vineyard.